Surkhaab [Soundtrack] – A line up of haunting compositions // Anuj Rastogi
Consisting of a massive 34 tracks, the ‘Surkhaab’ soundtrack, brings together an abundance of musical styles. Spanning from Indian Folk and Classical, to intense Western orchestration, contemporary electronica, old school funk, Hindi and Punjabi Pop/Rock, Urban and Jazz influences. The arrangement of these styles has contributed to creating an eclectic and haunting composition. [Read More...] - Dark Matter EP
The second album shows you an artist who is now in control of his talent and knows how to use it to create unique sounds. Here's a musician who knows his art. [Read More...]
IndianElectronica - Dark Matter EP Review
"...this album isn't summertime picnic listening – Rastogi plays with characteristics of dub-step (namely, half-time rhythm and emphasis on bass-lines) successfully to offer these dense tracks which are packed with snippet-samples of harmonics and vocals." [Read More...] - Omnesia Album Review
"...Anuj Rastogi makes a striking debut with his CD Omnesia." [Read More...]
Ethnotechno - 'Omnesia' Review
"...Anuj is now poised to emerge on the world electronica stage as force to be reckoned with and this record is his vehicle to do just that." [Read More...]
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