- Omnesia Album Review

Omnesia - Anuj Rastogi CD Review

With a bold fusion of traditional and modern styles, Toronto-based composer and producer Anuj Rastogi makes a striking debut with his CD Omnesia. Lead single “The River” features the beautiful vocals of Falitaa Chhabra, singing in Hindi over a lush orchestration that weaves sitar sounds over trippy ambient beats. Chhabra is but one of many talented vocalists that appear on the CD, gamely lending their unique voices to Rastogi’s exotic and experimental productions. On follow up single “Jaane Do” Sandra Chilbuluzo does the honors, using the haunting beauty of her voice to add a gorgeous melancholy to a song that owes as big a debt to Mary J. Blige as it does to Indian alaaps. Other performers featured on the disc include Nadia Syed, Avatari Dey and Branko Boras – each performing in their own native language. With the album’s fourteen tracks emerging from a multitude of styles and orchestrations, it’s this commitment to diversity in sounds, people and ideas that works to make Omnesia special and unique.

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