Omnesia Live in Toronto

Omnesia - Live!

Event date:  Saturday, 26 September 2009
Venue:  Al Green Thea

So often are live music events featuring electronic acts held in nightclubs or other venues where the audience has to stand for lengthy periods, despite the tempo of the performance.  Omnesia Live was a rare opportunity to relax in a top-notch small theatre and enjoy a 1hr + performance featuring a unique meld of international influences, all threaded with South Asian harmonics, percussion and vocals.

Produced by Anuj Rastogi, a Toronto based composer and performer, this act encompassed Yugoslavian singing with guitar by Branko Boras, Soul/R'nB vocals by Sandra Chibuluzo, Tabla, Bansuri (Indian flute) and more.

The show covered a range of tempos and on the whole wasn't particularily dancefloor-friendly; more headsy and hearty stuff - yet engaging and obviously fulfilling to the 100-or-so members of the audience, who clapped along to tunes and were responsive when called to in-between numbers by Anuj or other members on stage.

The night was memorable and intimate - if you get the chance to see Omnesia again on stage, I recommend not letting it pass you by.

IndianElectronica -Omnesia Live Review

Qasim Virjee
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